Fletcher’s has been a loved and well-known brand in Canada and the USA for generations because of its great tasting products. Founded in 1917, Fletcher’s has grown its range of products that today includes fresh and frozen sausages, smoked sausages, sliced deli meats, hams, roast beef and bacon.

Fletcher's - USA

Fletcher’s is a trusted household name, soon to celebrate 100 years with roots deep in the Pacific Northwest. We understand the importance of delivering high quality, responsibly produced and safe foods for you and your family to enjoy.

Fletcher’s is part of the Hempler Family of Brands which is known for authentic, high quality and specialty niche products. The Hempler Family of Brands provides a wide range of product offerings that are distributed throughout the USA. In addition to the Fletcher’s items listed below please view our other Hempler Family offerings at www.Hemplers.com or at www.Isernio.com

We offer a carefully selected line of Fletcher’s branded products for retail and foodservice customers. Servicing the Pacific Northwest, our customers have come to rely on our commitment to quality, service and excellent value.
Here is our line up products which is differentiated by brand, quality and price.

The only time you will see Fletcher's Masterpiece logo on a product is when our most stringent standards of superior quality and taste has been met. These products are the very best of the best and the artisan finish defines them within their category.

Fletcher's Masterpiece Bacon

Fletcher's Masterpiece thick sliced bacon comes in two varieties: regular and coated with ground peppercorns. This bacon is simply the best you can buy. There has been no water added to the bacon so that you receive fuller flavour. The secret of our dry cured bacon lies in our special four-stage process:
• Stage 1 - We rub and layer the bacon with a special blend of seasoning
• Stage 2 - Moisture is drawn out yielding more bacon and less water
• Stage 3 - Our bacon slowly cures in its own juices enhancing its flavour and colour
• Stage 4 - Smoking over natural hickory fires produces intense depth of flavour.

Fletcher's has defined this category as the best quality and best tasting products in their class. Fletcher's Classics Stak Pak bacon, ham and sausages are synonymous with quality. When you are looking for something a bit more special you can confidently choose Fletcher's Classics in any one of our product categories.

Fletcher's Classics Stak Pak Bacon

We first introduced Stak Pak bacon to the Pacific Northwest to show off our quality lean bellies. These hand-selected bellies are trimmed and then cured with Fletcher's special blend of spices. Then they are smokehouse roasted over hickory fires and carefully placed into our Stak Pak packaging. This allows you to better view all the bacon before making your selection. Families count on Fletcher's superior tasting bacon when preparing meals.

Fletcher's Classics Ham

Fletcher's still takes as much pride and care in crafting natural juice hams as we did back in 1917. First we select premium quality whole muscle hand-trimmed pork, cure with our special blend of spices and smoke naturally over hickory fires. This ensures Fletcher's hams are the very best you'll taste and they are 96% fat free. Fletcher's Classics selection of hams offers you the best quality/price value in the market. We offer a full line of hams for club stores, delis and retailers including: Black Forest, Maple, Honey and Honey Brown Sugar Hams.

Fletcher's Classics Fresh Sausage

Fletcher's Classics sausage is made fresh daily with the freshest pork or chicken and carefully selected made-to-order spices. Customers have come to expect the best when purchasing Fletcher's Classics sausage with a wide variety of breakfast, dinner and ground sausage perfect for any meal any time of the day.

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